Services and Solutions


With a broad range of high quality firefighting systems in the product range, Wilsafe Systems covers every aspect of the design, production, assembly, testing, installation and commissioning for projects of all sizes and within a range of onshore, offshore and marine environments.

The nature of firefighting systems is that they are not in continuous use, but must provide exceptional reliability so that when they are needed, they function as intended. This can leave them with less oversight and testing than other safety systems, a situation that can allow faults or defects to pass unnoticed, with catastrophic consequences.

A proper maintenance schedule is essential for reliable operation and the safety of the protected space.

Scheduled Maintenance Programs

Wilsafe Systems can develop a comprehensive scheduled maintenance program for any installation, providing the specialized on-site team to inspect and maintain firefighting systems and ensuring they are functioning correctly. The result is less down time, reduce annual parts costs and enhanced performance, not to mention the confidence in knowing the system is functioning as intended.

Our team deliver comprehensive maintenance solutions both for our own installations and others as needed.

Equipment spares management

Wilsafe Systems carries a wide range of spare parts to go with the inspection and maintenance programs on offer through this service. These spares allow for seamless maintenance, repairs, upgrades and more, allowing clients to benefit from increased system uptime, lower maintenance costs and improved reliability of systems. Whether it is maintenance on our own systems or that of other suppliers, we procure the necessary spare parts to deliver the robust and reliable performance of every firefighting system we look after.

Covering a wide range of equipment

Our maintenance solutions cover a wide range of systems and equipment, including:

  • APPC (Active Pressure Pulse Compensator) Systems
  • Breathing air equipment
  • Central gas welding plant
  • Compressor for breathing air
  • DAHR (Dual Agent Hose Reel) system
  • Deluge systems
  • DIFF (Deck Integrated Fire Fighting) systems
  • Emergency escape breathing device
  • Face fit testing of respiratory protection equipment
  • Foam systems
  • Gaseous systems
  • Hose reels
  • Hydrants
  • Hydrophore systems
  • Inergen, Argonite and CO2 system
  • Integrity testing of rooms
  • Monitor systems
  • Portable extinguishers
  • Pressure testing of cylinders/tanks
  • Rim seal systems
  • Safety equipment
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Utility stations
  • Vetter air lifting bags
  • Water mist systems
  • Wet chemical extinguisher system portable gas detectors

If documented procedures for maintenance and testing are not already in place, our expert team will develop the necessary processes and provide all supporting documentation required for them.

Download here: FN-SAL-S-0035_R2_Maintenance