Fire Protection Systems


High & Low pressure CO2

The high and low pressure CO2 systems are high adaptive, cost beneficial extinguishing system designed with reliable expertise.


Low Expansion Foam

The low expansion foam system consists of water supply, foam liquid storage, a proportioning device and a  liquid distribution.



The FM-200 system is an innovative fire suppression solution developed to provide effective protection for larger shipboard enclosures requiring longer agent flow distances.



The Nitrex system is an excellent fast acting fire extinguishing system that is environmentally neutral 
and safe for occupied areas and having zero ODP, GWP with no residue. 


Dry Chemical Powder

The dry chemical powder system use for the purpose of fire extinguishing on the cargo deck area of LNG and LPG vessel including the cargo loading and unloading manifold.


Ultra Fog

Ultra Fog is a high pressure high performing water mist sprinkler system for fighting fires which uses 90% less water and is more effective than conventional sprinkler systems. 



The inert gas system is designed for total flooding and independent extinguishing system for type A, B and C fire. 


Dual Agent

The Dual Agent hose reel is supplied with two individual hoses, which one is intended for dry chemical and the other is for water/foam.


High Expansion Foam

The high expansion foam system protects ship machinery space and the pump room as a total flooding system.



 Novec system is an effective and reliable fire suppression option for small, medium and large marine applications where crew or other occupants may be present.  


Water Mist

The Water mist system is based on the principle that small water drips evaporate early over the course of the fire and in that way the heat in the areas is absorbed. (1).jpg


The deluge system provided a deluge of water when activated, common use as the main fire fighting system on any offshore installation, to protect process, drilling areas and other high risk sites

Fire Fighting Equipents


Fireman Suit

SOLAS approved and wheelmark certificated full-body fire protection suits. (5).png

Fireman Axe

Fireman axes with high carbon steel blades and rubber protective blade covers are ideal for heavy duty chopping and demolition work.

Fire Extinguisher

Certificated ABC dry chemical powder, foam, water and CO2 portable and wheeled/trolley fire extiguishers. (6).png

Fire Blanket

Fire blanket with case PVC. (4).png

Fire Hose

SOLAS approved EPDM lining with various diameter and legth. (7).png


Combine spray/Jet water nozzle with brass, rubber and chrome-plated and has high resistance to high and low pressure. 

Life Saving Appliances

Life Raft

SOLAS approved life rafts with capacity of 6 to 35 person, GRP canister, durable rubber fabric, double chamber tubes and more.  


Immersion Suit

SOLAS approved immersion suits fitted with neoprene materials and retro-reflective tape. (1).png

Life Jacket

SOLAS approved life jackets with top quality materials.

Breathing Apparatus

SOLAS aprroved self contained breathing apparatus with steel cylinder. (3).png

Life Buoy

SOLAS approved life buoy rings with PE lining and lights, has a storage temperature of -30 C to 65 C and is both flame and diesel oil resistant. 

Other Products


NK-O3 BlueBallast 

 NK-O3 BlueBallast water treatment system a ship-board Ozone generator takes ambient air and strips away the nitrogen, concentrating the oxygen content.

0001 (2).jpg

Pressure Reducing Valve

Pressure reducing valve with cast bronze body and coupling, stainless steel trim.

0001 (3).jpg

Gas Detection

Certificated gas detector with high resolution color display touch screen receiver.



Helidecks with technology of domestic deck integrating fire fighting system and fire analysis tech. 


Fire Detection

Certificated heat detector, ionisation smoke detector, multi-sensor detector and optical smoke detector.