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M5 Low Pressure Water Mist Fire Fighting Nozzle


SV22 is the solution

The precise number of cylinders needed to fireproof the required zones is taken from the amount needed for the largest zone. So if you have 3 zones requiring 25 cylinders, 20 cylinders and 15 cylinders respectively, then a system will be designed with 25 cylinders, able to cope with a fire in any zone, However, this system would not be able to cope with a fire in all 3 zones simultaneously.

The advantage of the SV22 system is that you gain protection for larger areas for a significantly lower outlay that stand alone solutions, fitting more protection into your budget.

System Components

Ci IV8-300 Manosw-plug – With built in pneumatic activation, this discharge outlet connects the Pneumatic Actuator (PA) to a check valve, eliminating the need for PA circuitry between valves connected to the same manifold.

  • Hoses – DN10 pressure hose is used throughout to control the SV22 system.
  • Zonekit – Controlled from the startkit, the zonekit distributes foam to the required zone.
  • Startkit – Kit containing components for the installation of one SV CiV control valve on a Ci IV8 discharge valve. The SV CiV is always installed with an appropriate Ci actuator.
  • Test Port – Fitted between the control and selector valve the test port allows for measurement of the opening pressure of the selector valve and leak tightness of the system.
  • Pressure Switch – Signals system pressure
  • Cylinders – Available in a number of sizes and pressures from 2-liter 200 bar to 140-liter 300 bar solutions.
  • Calibrated Nozzle – Available in 1mm to 36mm diameter to ensure the precise flow control to suit every application.
  • Silencer – For protecting equipment sensitive to acoustic volume.

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