Supply Chain Executive (Singapore)

Singapore / Full-time

You are passionate about working within a young company with ambitious growth plans and enjoys a highly collaborative, energized environment. You will report directly to the CCO and will be responsible for acquiring new enterprise customers from Industrial Sectors such as Energy, Chemical, Mining & Maritime. This position will be based Worldwide.

About Us

Originally incorporated in Singapore in 2019 by BCG–DV and MISC, Magellan X creates DeepTech digital solutions to help companies in heavy industries such as Oil & Gas, Maritime, Chemicals, or Mining, fulfil their ESG obligations. Our products are highly differentiated through direct signal tapping by IoT devices and real-time data flow analysis using A.I.

  • ecoMax: Emission Optimisation
  • SOL-X: Worker Safety
  • Propeller: Inventory Optimisation

Key activities/responsibilities

  • Supplier / vendor development and contract negotiations, including setting requirements for vendors and validate deliverables.
  • Responsible for managing timely Procurement of software and hardware items.
  • Identifying ways to lower costs of supply chain without compromising the value proposition and quality of the product.
  • Inventory management and ensuring all present stock is well accounted for and accordingly the purchases are made.
  • Management of the distribution plan for our equipment and consumables, ensuring all items shipped from vendors are being accounted for, be it for inventory or direct supply to end-users.
  • Manage, Define, and improve warranty service and materials/part replacement services processes
  • Ensures the availability of materials to meet the deployment schedule in the short-term and long-term with the right quantity and quality, while keeping inventory level within target
  • Proactively assess supply shortages. Lead, drive and assist escalations, when necessary
  • Provides input to leadership team regarding action plans to address long-term purchasing process improvements
  • Support other departments for procurement and any related matter.

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